Exploit opportunities in times of crisis

Exploit opportunities in times of crisis

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Our mission at SelfX is to use AI to develop premium educational materials so that everybody can afford the education they need. We have a team of PhDs and MBAs who develop the course content supported by different AI systems.

In this course we want to show you some tools to exploit opportunities in times of crisis. We experience a lot of chaos these days:

  • The technological development has changed the way we live dramatically, a development that has gained even more speed by the Covid pandemic.
  • Most countries are making great efforts to prevent climate catastrophe.
  • Economic dislocations began during the Covid pandemic and have been accelerated by the conflict in Ukraine. Even World War III seems possible.

It can be difficult to stay positive and see the potential in difficult times, but it’s important to remember that chaos often precedes change.

If you push the border of where you feel comfortable inside chaos and stay positive you will see the opportunities you can exploit to get ahead. Remember, crisis is a time of great potential, so don’t waste it!

This course will provide you with a workbook you can download in the first unit. We will do practical exercises to explore your character and develop a positive mindset. This will prepare you to brainstorm ideas to find novel opportunities where others see only chaos. We will help you to structure these ideas and give you tools to overcome obstacles you might encounter on your way.

Course content

videoWho we areFree
videoA time of multiple crisisFree
videoCourse overviewFree
videoSelfX – Exploit Opportunities WorkbookFree
videoExplore your strengthFree
videoExplore your relationshipsFree
videoExplore your purposeFree
videoThe power of positivityFree
videoMindful breathingFree
videoPhysical exerciseFree
videoGratitude JournalFree
videoOne year from now ...Free
videoYour target groupFree
videoBrainstorm ideasFree
videoDefine your goalFree
videoFind an accountability partnerFree
videoYour scheduleFree
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