Home Workouts & Stretches

Duration 25 m 17 s

Home Workouts & Stretches

About Course

Bored of going to the gym to stay in shape? Let us bring the gym to you! 

  • We provide 18 workout exercises and 20 stretching exercises, designed just for you, designed to help you reach your maximum potential without ever having to leave your home. 
  • These exercises are perfect for the busy person who needs to stay in shape. 
  • Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain your health, this product can help you reach your goals. 
  • With convenient home workouts that require minimal equipment, plus effective stretching routines, you'll be able to get fit without having to leave your home.
  • All of our exercises are easy-to-understand with detailed instruction-videos that help ensure proper form.
  • Combine this course with our 120 Day Home Workout Plan for optimal results.

Course content

videoAb Roller43 sFree
videoBird Dog32 sFree
videoBurpees32 sFree
videoDeadlift1 m 15 sFree
videoDips57 sFree
videoStep Ups25 sFree
videoHip Raises41 sFree
videoLeg Raises41 sFree
videoLunges45 sFree
videoPlanks1 m 5 sFree
videoPush ups1 m 1 sFree
videoGood Morning32 sFree
videoRows with Resistance Band31 sFree
videoSide Squats57 sFree
videoSitting Rows47 sFree
videoShoulder Presses with Resistance Bands29 sFree
videoSquats1 m 10 sFree
videoStanding Rows33 sFree
video90 90 Stretch1 m 8 sFree
videoButterfly Stretch31 sFree
videoExtended Puppy Pose23 sFree
videoFigure 4 Stretch50 sFree
videoFrog Stretch43 sFree
videoKnee to Chest Stretch20 sFree
videoLunch with Spinal Twist55 sFree
videoLunging Hip Flexor Stretch25 sFree
videoLying pectoral Stretch31 sFree
videoLying Quad Stretch27 sFree
videoPretzel Stretch37 sFree
videoPririformis Stretch1 m 8 sFree
videoReclining Bound Angle Pose16 sFree
videoSeated Neck Release24 sFree
videoSeated Shoulder Squeeze25 sFree
videoSide Bend Stretch38 sFree
videoSphinx Pose33 sFree
videoStanding Hamstring Stretch30 sFree
videoStanding Quad Stretch28 sFree
videoTricep Stretch29 sFree
SelfX Academy

SelfX Academy

Course Instructor

We provide integrative training programs that empower people to live their best life. Our unique approach helps individuals transform body, mind and soul. Through our process of re-education and self-reflection, we help you uncover your true potential. Our holistic methods combine physical wellbeing with mental and spiritual growth. 

We believe that all people deserve equal access to education, no matter their location, age or background. Our mission is to provide quality education for all, and we believe that with our interactive learning experience and affordable pricing, we are well on our way to achieving it.