The Mindfulness of Eating

Duration 2 h 31 m 17 s

The Mindfulness of Eating

About Course

This Course will help you to identify your physical hunger cues and be able to respond to your hunger cues in a loving and compassionate way.

Course content

videoMindful Eating Into8 m 26 sFree
videoThe Hunger Scale2 m 43 sFree
videoOutline6 m 3 sFree
videoMindful Eating34 m 27 sFree
videoMindful Eating a Practice HandoutFree
videoHandout Review13 m 35 sFree
videoHunger22 m 13 sFree
videoHandout Class 2Free
videoHandout Review9 m 13 sFree
videoIntention & Attention47 m 53 sFree
videoClass 3 HandoutFree
videoClass 3 Handout Review6 m 44 sFree
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