Introduction to mindfulness

Duration 2 h 55 m 28 s

Introduction to mindfulness

About Course

Mindfulness has been gaining popularity in recent years as a way to reduce stress and anxiety while improving overall health and well-being. Mindfulness is a practice of focusing on being present in the moment, without judgement or expectations. It involves paying attention to what is happening around you, within your body, and in your thoughts. Practicing mindfulness can help increase awareness, reduce stress levels, and improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

This mindfulness online course offers a life-changing experience for anyone looking to break through stress and make lasting transformations in their lives. Our comprehensive program teaches proven skills to relax the body, clear the mind, and engage with life in a more fulfilling way. With guidance from our certified instructors, you will learn how to meditate effectively, practice self-compassion and cultivate mindful awareness. You'll also get personalized support throughout your journey of inner exploration—all from the comfort of your own home!

Course content

videoWelcome to the course1 m 53 sFree
video5 Keys to success2 m 42 sFree
videoHow to sit in meditation2 m 10 sFree
videoLeaning to Rest5 m 5 sFree
videoWhat is Mindfulness?3 m 19 sFree
videoMindful Breathing7 m 36 sFree
videoComing back to the Breath3 mFree
videoPatience and Kindness10 m 31 sFree
videoImproving Concentration2 m 48 sFree
videoLabeling Breath10 m 28 sFree
videoCultivating Body Awareness2 m 59 sFree
videoBody Scan Meditation10 m 40 sFree
videoMindful Listening9 mFree
videoAwareness of sounds3 m 15 sFree
videoStaying Calm in the Midst of Chaos3 m 16 sFree
videoPracticing Equanimity9 m 30 sFree
videoObstacle #1 Non-Stop Thinking2 m 38 sFree
videoLetting Thoughts Come and Go10 m 45 sFree
videoObstacle #2 Distractions2 m 41 sFree
videoFocusing on Distractions10 m 50 sFree
videoObstacle #3 Difficult Emotions3 m 3 sFree
videoInviting Everything in for tea9 m 54 sFree
video11.2 - Meditating with pain10 m 22 sFree
videoDoubt2 m 1 sFree
videoNoticing Doubt9 m 27 sFree
videoCultivating Care for others3 m 2 sFree
videoLoving-Kindness Meditation10 m 45 sFree
videoBringing it all together45 sFree
videoOpen Practice10 m 22 sFree
video15.1 - Congratulations41 sFree
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