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Empowerment for All: SelfX Academy's Open Access Initiative

Introducing an empowering, life-altering program developed to assist individuals to unlock their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives, free of charge.

Are you ready to transform your life, but finances are holding you back? 

SelfX Academy believes that cost should never be a barrier to bettering oneself. Our one-of-a-kind program marries proven strategies from the disciplines of psychology, physiology, philosophy, and nutrition to aid you in defining and achieving your personal development objectives. As a philanthropic initiative, our goal is to make this premier education accessible for everyone. Guided by our comprehensive methods, we'll lead you on a path towards refined life goals, enhanced physical wellness, emotional resilience, and heightened mental acuity.

As part of Dr. Maichel Social Capital gGmbH, the SelfX Academy is committed to breaking down financial barriers in education. Join us in our mission to provide everyone with the resources to build a better life.
Plant based balanced meal plans

Vision training
for an inspiring life journey

Weight loss & maintenance

Mind training
through inspirational readings

Plant based balanced meal plans

Body training
for a healthy lifestyle

Meal plans for diabetics

Soul training 
through mindfulness courses

Vision training

Unlock your potential and shape your future with our new courses on creating a business vision and a personal vision! These courses provide you with the tools and techniques to define your goals, values, and aspirations, and turn them into a clear and actionable vision. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or just looking to enhance your personal growth, these courses will guide you through the process of developing a vision that aligns with your values and inspires you to achieve your dreams.

Our video courses
Healthy recipes

Mind training

Experience the power of positivity and motivation through Inspirational Readings. Our thoughtful and uplifting readings bring clarity, focus, and hope to your life with timeless wisdom. Enjoy access to a wide range of content that can help you navigate difficult times, unlock hidden potentials, and inspire new ways of thinking about yourself and the world. 

Body Training

We have created the perfect all-in-one solution for anyone looking to take their nutrition and fitness goals seriously. With our extensive library of delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes, easy-to-follow workout plans, and nutrition plans tailored to your unique needs, you can finally reach your health and wellness goals with ease.

Our video courses
Healthy recipes

Soul training 

Through our in-depth mindfulness courses, you can learn how to better manage your stress, regulate emotions, improve focus and productivity, nurture relationships, create an attitude of acceptance and gratitude to life challenges. We provide a comprehensive training program tailored towards creating a greater sense of awareness.

Our Vision Courses

Our Mind Course

Our Body Courses

Our Soul Courses

Our Ebooks

28-Day Paleo Meal Plan

Transform your health and lifestyle with the 28-Day Paleo Meal Plan! This comprehensive meal plan provides you with all the tools you need to make delicious, nutrient-rich meals that are energizing, e

28-Day Vegan Meal Plan

Ready to make the switch to veganism? Our 28-Day Vegan Meal Plan is here to help! This plan includes delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that require minimal effo

28-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

Are you looking for a way to feel healthier, reduce bloating, and have more energy? Our 28-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan is perfect for those wanting an easy way to make delicious meals while still eatin

120 Day Home Workout Plan

Step into the best shape of your life with the 120 Day Home Workout Plan! This comprehensive plan provides you the daily schedule to reach all your fitness goals. With this plan, you'll get a full-bod

Mindful Meditation for Beginners eBook

Take the first step on your journey to inner peace and wellbeing today! Mindful Meditation for Beginners eBook is an accessible and easy-to-follow guide to getting started with meditation. With clear


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